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GMV is a space technology group, specialising in the Space sector, with over 3,000 employees.

GMV is a space technology group, specialising in the Space sector.  With over 3,000 employees, GMV are the 6th largest European organisation operating in this sector, with its Headquarters in Madrid, Spain.  Within the UK we have offices at the University of Nottingham Innovation Park and at the Harwell Campus in Oxfordshire.

GMV's links with Nottingham University extend back 25 years ago when Nottingham Scientific Ltd (NSL) was formed by key individuals from a renowned satellite navigation engineering institute.  NSL originally rented offices in the main campus, then moved into the city for 15 years, returning to the university within UNIP's Sir Colin Campbell Building in early 2018.

In July 2020 GMV acquired NSL, merging NSL with their pre-existing UK company who were based in Harwell.  In December 2022, GMV moved into UNIP’s Enterprise Centre.

Space is a hot topic in the UK.  GMV's focus from Nottingham is in the use satellite navigation and other terrestrial sensors to provide assured solutions that support the UK's Critical National Infrastructure, along with government and vital mission services that have become critically dependent on position and time information.  Other work includes autonomy and robotic systems, lunar navigation systems, satellite ground control centres as well as guidance and control solutions for space debris removal, in-orbit servicing, refuelling, assembly, and maintenance.  GMV’s key clients are government departments, institutional organisations, space agencies and leading commercial providers of critical and complex engineering services that utilise space-based data, products, services and infrastructures.